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SAN ANTONIO — What began as a traffic stop for a hands-free ordinance violation on the South Side Monday afternoon resulted in the seizure of nearly 15 kilos of methamphetamine by the San Antonio Police Department.

SAPD spokesman Sgt. Javier Salazar said an officer on patrol near Interstate 35 and Cassin Road noticed a man using his phone while driving a 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche around 1 p.m.622x350tyhdtht

Salazar said the officer pulled the man over and became suspicious while questioning him.

Salazar said the officer found several inconsistencies in the suspect’s story, which led the officer to give the vehicle a closer look.

While searching the vehicle, the officer spotted something strange about the vehicle’s spare tire, and decided to bring it in for inspection.

During a sweep of the vehicle, an SAPD K9 unit sniffed out a huge stash of meth hidden in the spare tire, which was stored beneath the vehicle.

Salazar said the meth inside the vehicle is believed to have come from Mexico, though its exact origin is unknown at this point.

Officials estimate the drugs, tallied at 14.77 kilos, are worth about $300,000 in their current form.

Salazar said once the drugs were prepared and distributed, they could have brought in to $1 million.

Salazar said the bust is a big find for SAPD.

“It’s a substantial catch,” he said, “Anytime you can get this much of a narcotic off the street at one time, it’s great. It’s a great thing for us to do. We don’t know how much of this was bound for San Antonio, or how much of this was bound for different parts. Rest assured, wherever it was going to end up, it doesn’t belong.”

The suspect, in his 50s, is expected to face federal charges due to the amount of drugs found in his vehicle.

He has been transferred into federal custody for questioning.

From Jan. 1 through June 30, 5,740 citations were issued under the city’s hands-free ordinance, according to records obtained by the Express-News. The ordinance took effect this year.

“Sometimes it results in a verbal warning, sometimes it results in a written warning, but sometimes, like today, it results in something much bigger,” Salazar said.








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