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Brendin Poirier, a Dickinson man accused alongside two others of engaging in sexual acts with a minor, will sit beside his codefendants for a future trial.

The 25-year-old was arrested with Kimberly Peele, 47, of Dickinson, and Richard Peele Jr., 43, of Bennettsville, S.C., on March 3 after authorities responded to a tip that a 16-year-old female was engaging in illicit activity with them at the Relax Inn in Dickinson.

At a pretrial conference Tuesday at the Stark County Courthouse, assistant Stark County State’s Attorney James Hope said that throughout court proceedings, the three defendants had been split between two judges, resulting in two different trial dates.

He requested Poirier’s trial be delayed so that he sit alongside the Peeles in the same trial, which Southwest District Judge William Herauf accepted.

During questioning, the juvenile said she had ingested meth and alcohol before engaging in sexual acts with Poirier and Kimberly Peele, authorities said.

The Peeles, of Dickinson, are each charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of meth paraphernalia, both of which are Class C felonies. They are also charged with delivering meth to a minor, a Class A felony.

Poirier and Kimberly Peele each face three counts of corruption of a minor, with Richard Peele facing one. All are Class C felonies.

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