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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- A tip led Floyd County deputies to the Alpike Motel in Floyd County where they found a suspected meth lab.

Witnesses say they smelled an odor coming out from under a door.

Police say they received a call around 3:00 Thursday afternoon about a possible meth lab inside the Alpike Motel in Floyd County.

“They knocked and beat on the door and someone did answer. That person was coherent but was obviously shaken and somewhat medically needed assistance,” says John Hunt, Floyd County Sheriff.

Police say there was only one man inside the motel room and when they arrived on the scene there was fumes coming out from under the door.

“He was removed from the room and taken outside and eventually was de-contaminated here on the site and transported via an ambulance to Pike Methodist Hospital,” says Hunt.

State police sent a cleanup crew to clean and gather evidence inside the motel room.

Hunt says the man is expected to be ok.

“He had gotten a lot better within in the hour that we were here. He was removed from the inside and he has been de-contaminated that helped him a whole lot and the EMS crew was treating him and he was much better upon departure here,” says Hunt.

The Sheriff says the man has been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

No one was hurt during the arrest.

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