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A young West Seattle woman told her ex-boyfriend in court Friday that if it were up to her, he would spend the rest of his life in prison for killing her mother.

Instead, Jose Gonzalez-Leos, 21, will be released most likely when he’s in his early 40s.west_seattle

Gonzalez-Leos was in tears throughout much of his sentencing appearance in King County Superior Court as he listened to his victim’s loved-ones talk, at times, through an interpreter, about Nga Nguyen, 46, the woman he beat and strangled just before Christmas 2013.

“I know the sounds of her suffering will always be in your head,” Trang Nguyen said directly to the defendant. “If it were my choice, you would spend the rest of your life in prison. You have shown no mercy for the pain you have caused my family. You have killed my mother. You have abused and stolen from my family, and now you are a waste of time.”

Gonzalez-Leos, also of West Seattle, pleaded guilty in June to murder in the first degree for killing Nguyen in the home she shared with her daughter, who had broken up with Gonzalez-Leos three months before the fatal attack. He had said he was high on methamphetamine the night of the attack on High Point Drive Southwest.

The defendant’s attorney, George Trejo Jr, asked Judge Mary Roberts to impose a prison term at the low end of the range, 20 years in prison, because Gonzalez-Leos had no prior criminal history. Senior Deputy Prosecutor Julie Kline recommended a mid-range sentence of 24 years. But citing a lack of motive for the brutal crime, other than punishing his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him, Roberts sentenced Gonzalez-Leos to 26 years in prison.

Before he was taken away in handcuffs, Gonzalez-Leos begged both families for forgiveness.

“I have seen the pain my family is going through,” he said. “I can only imagine the pain the family of Nga Nguyen is going through. I am sorry to my entire family and friends.”

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