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After a grim and bloody week, where in an escalation of recent public attacks, gunmen descended upon on a funeral parlor, and murdered two, and leaving 10 wounded, in Tijuana, a large drug shipment was lost in Ensenada.

Ensenada, an hour or so south of Rosarito is generally quieter then it’s northern counterparts, a port city, which attracts ex timthumbpats and tourists, is a corridor for drug loads coming up to the border. It is routine for large amounts of marijuana, packed tightly into pangas to be captured of Ensenada, or while offloading their product further north, in US coastal areas.

The federal police claim that during a chase, a truck carrying the shipment was abandoned by it’s driver, after attempting to block the officers, chasing a 1996 Ford Aerostar. The federal police were apparently attempting to stop the latter vehicle. The driver and the Aerostar were not detained.

Inside the black truck were 220 packages, of drugs wrapped for transport to Tijuana, and across the San Ysidro, point of timthumb-1entry, one would assume. Some of the crystal and heroin could be headed for the colonias in Tijuana, where retail groups break them into smaller quantities, these groups are ground zero for the violence in the city, as of now.

169 kilos of crystal, 22 kilos of heroin, and 28 kilos of cocaine was the total amount. Everyone has different ideas about the exact, or near exact amount, but either way it’s at least worth 1.5 million to it’s owners, much more on the other side of the border, or sold in sub gram amounts in Tijuana and Rosarito.

The federal police official version seems slightly less then credible, which may be with good reason. The federal police have often been accused of being compromised, almost entirely. One notable incident in 2009, when federal police working for, or on contract by Juan Sillas Rocha, a CAF cell leader, stole 300 pounds of crystal, from Michoacan, bound over for transshipment through Tijuana.   The shipment was under the protection of Teodoro Simental Garcia, ‘El Teo’. In the aftermath, federales were murdered, and banners hung demanding the return of the shipment. A hotel in Rosarito housing many federal police was shot up.

If the blood on the pavement, and .40 caliber bullets penetrating the base of the skull are the fire, figuratively speaking, this, the product is the fuel. The fuel of the bloodlust and degradation, corridos playing til dawn, fingers dipped in oily cocaine, the Michael Kors on the arms of women, crystal smoke in pipes, acne scarred addicts living amongst the trash, leaving women, children, men, mourners in it’s growing wake.

Sources: AFN Tijuana

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