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A newspaper journalist was among 13 suspects arrested for methamphetamine possession in Phnom Penh yesterday morning, police said.

Born Sam Ath, Phnom Penh’s deputy municipal police chief, said that on his orders police stopped and searched journalist Lin Meng, 33, in Meanchey district, allegedly finding powdered meth in Lin’s motorbike weighing 1 kilogram. They also found $400 and 100,000 riel ($25) and two mobile phones.

Besides Lin, police also arrested a dozen of his alleged associates throughout the capital. The suspects will face Phnom Penh Municipal Court today. Sam Ath said Lin had been under investigation.

“That suspect is a journalist, who knows about laws, but he committed the crime,” said the deputy police chief. “Other suspects also distribute the drug, but the authorities arrested them in different locations.”

Lin writes for Taprom Mukbuon newspaper.

Drug busts have been on the rise this year, with over 1,500 cases in the first six months of 2015.

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