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MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two people were arrested in Millersville Monday after police said they found more than 20 shake and bake meth labs at a home, according to Smokey Barn News.

The paper is reporting that Robert Warner, 30, and his girlfriend Jessica Goostree, 39, were charged with production of methamphetamine.were arrested in Millersville

Police said all the discarded bottles were found in a wooded area behind the home in the 7700 block of Bethel Road.

Some of the containers were tossed in a ravine and others were buried,” said Detective Dustin Carr with the Millersville Police Department.

He added that the meth production had been going on for about six months, but that there was no evidence that any labs were used inside the home, which is why it wasn’t quarantined.the containers were

“Is there a possibility that there are more labs buried that we didn’t find, yes, however I feel we found all of them,” Det. Carr said.

Tools also found in the home were connected to a burglary at an insulation business last week, according to Smokey Barn News, but it was unclear if Warner and Goosetree would face any additional charges in connection to the crime.

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