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The Northampton County judge silently read the words of Frank R. Reed III’s victims, grimacing occasionally and shaking her head.

Looking up from those written statements Friday, Judge F.P. Kimberly McFadden addressed Reed directly before sentencing him for a crime spree that included the attempted carjacking of a Northampton Area School District

“I’m not going to flatter you by telling you, Mr. Reed, that you’ve had a huge impact on these people,” McFadden said. “Because it’s not flattering what you did. It’s shameful.”

Reed, a 35-year-old Upper Nazareth Township man with a lengthy criminal record, will serve 51/2 to 11 years in state prison for a series of offenses he committed after relapsing to methamphetamine.

For several days in June, Reed was on the lam from authorities, who said he had made threats to kill himself and others and was wanted on a parole violation for a prior robbery case.

On June 10, U.S. marshals were trying to take Reed into custody in Northampton when he ran into the parking lot of the school administration building on Laubach Avenue, accosting an employee who was going to her car, according to court records.

When Tracey Bartholomew got into her front seat, Reed jumped into the back and told her to give him a ride, police said. After she exited, he tried to grab her keys and purse and tore off a strap from around her neck.

Earlier that day, Reed was in Bethlehem, where he rammed his car into the car of his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Cavaliere, as she arrived for work on Spillman Drive, police said. As Cavaliere drove away, he followed her and rammed her two more times, though she escaped injury, police said.

Reed was arrested two days later in Nazareth after several foot chases with police. As he tried to get away, Reed went to a home on South Broad Street and asked the owner to drive him out of town, borough Chief Thomas Trachta said.

The resident was fearful for his family and agreed, Trachta said, though as they drove past a group of officers searching the area, Reed jumped out of the car and ran.

Marshals were able catch Reed, who had to be shocked with a Taser, according to court records.

In September, Reed pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, trespass, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

Defense attorney Alex Mills said Reed has mental-health problems that caused him to self-medicate. Reed’s relapse to methamphetamine, Mills said, “is why we’re here today.”

Reed apologized in court for crimes that McFadden labeled “terrifying.”

“This was a scary thing for these people,” McFadden said.

“Absolutely,” Reed agreed.

“This was a scary thing for anyone,” McFadden added.



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