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Cleanup work is expected to begin soon on a housing unit at the Viewmont East Apartments in Port Orchard, where Housing Kitsap and law enforcement found high levels of methamphetamine contamination.

Housing Kitsap manages the 77-unit apartment complex at 1904 Pioneer Lane SE. The organization provides affordable housing for individuals and families throughout Kitsap County. The Viewmont East development serves extremely low-income individuals and families with incomes at or below 30 percent of the area’s median income. This is equivalent to an annual income of $24,250 or less for a four-person household.

The county Health Department sealed one unit Oct. 28 “in order to protect the community and the other residents until the decontamination process begins, according to Housing Kitsap.

Results from testing for methamphetamine contamination were obtained by agency officials on Oct. 21 indicated levels well above the remediation standard of 1.5 micrograms per 100 square centimeters in this state.

Housing Kitsap said it notified the Health Department of the results later in the week and met with state officials Oct. 26.

Arrests and seizures were made by law enforcement at the apartment complex, the agency said, although residents listed on the lease were not arrested. Since then, Housing Kitsap has been terminating the tenancy of those residents from the property.

One tenant has chosen to vacate voluntarily. Another has contested the eviction notice, the agency said.

In a news release, Housing Kitsap executive director Stuart Grogan said that his agency “will not tolerate illegal drug activity in its units. If we hear of problems, find chemical residue or containers, or observe suspicious activity, we will alert authorities and investigate.”

Richard Ady, director of maintenance for Housing Kitsap, said this was the first-ever agency housing unit to have meth contamination.



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