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SCIOTO COUNTY, OH – Two Scioto County residents were arrested Nov. 20 for making meth while law enforcement officials were looking for a man in violation of his parole.

Scioto County Probation officers went to a mobile home on the 1300 block of Main Street West in Portsmouth, Oh, while searching for Michael Locher, 37, who was in violation of his parole.9314130_G

While searching for him, Locher, as well as Jessica Barber, 27, tried to escape, but were arrested.  Officers noticed a smell commonly associated with the making of meth and investigated further, finding an active meth lab.

Detectives with the Southern Ohio Drug Task Force found out the pair had recently finished making a batch, and that a two-year-old child was living at the home.

The pair is being charged with Illegal Manufacture of Methamphetamine with-in 100 feet of a juvenile and Illegal Assembly of Possession of Chemicals for the Manufacture of Methamphetamine.

Additionally, Locher is charged with violating felony probation, and Barber is charged with violating parole, according to a news release.

They are being held at Scioto County Jail.

The investigation is ongoing and could result in more arrests, according to a news release.



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