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An Omaha woman will serve at least 25 years in prison for her part in a “night of horror” that included the savage torture and rape of a woman over payment for a laptop computer.

Douglas County District Judge J Russell Derr sentenced Shavontae Green, 26, to 51 to 65 years in prison — a term that is cut in half under state law.54d4f97786dfa_image

Prosecutor Molly Keane said Green deserved a stiff sentence after helping her boyfriend, Ronald Ford, brutalize the woman “over a few dollars.”

“This case is horrendous,” Keane said. “Even calling it extreme is an understatement. What this woman went through is unbelievable.”

Green’s attorney, Mallory Hughes, said Green was under the influence of two things that night — Ford and methamphetamine.

Green and Ford had a 10-year relationship fraught with domestic violence, Hughes said. Green also had been using meth the day of the attack.

That doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it helps explain why she stood by as Ford brutalized the victim, Hughes said.

Keane said Green did more than just stand by — she took part in the assault and cover-up.

According to Keane:

Green’s boyfriend, Ronald Ford, had been upset — alleging that the woman’s boyfriend had shorted him on a payment for a laptop computer.

He and Green drove to the boyfriend’s house, hoping to collect. He wasn’t there.

They beat his 38-year-old girlfriend, then kidnapped her and took her to their home near 28th and Lothrop Streets.

There, they beat her some more, sexually assaulted her, made her perform a sex act on Ford, burned her with a cigarette butt, whipped her with a chain and sodomized her with a leg broken off from a table.

They assaulted her with chemicals, pouring boiling water over her shoulder and chest and bleaching her genitals.

Green then took the woman into her bedroom, where she put makeup on her before forcing her into the bathtub and pouring more bleach on her.

The victim’s boyfriend called police after he got home and saw the apartment had been broken into and his girlfriend was missing.

Officers surrounded Ford’s house. Green pushed the woman outside and eventually came outside, too. Ford was found hiding in a hole in the wall of a closet. He is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.

Keane praised the efforts the woman made to recover — and the resolve she had to stick with the case. The woman suffered burns from the bleach and the chemicals.

“This obviously has affected her entire life,” Keane said. “She lives with this daily. She will never be the same.”



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