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These incredible before and after photographs show the dramatic difference 90 days can make.

On the left is a young woman hooked on crystal meth, while to the right the same woman looks almost unrecognizable after giving up the drug.S4LldL5l

The photograph was uploaded to social media site Reddit by user ‘Wormguy666’ who claims the unnamed woman in the image is his sister.

Talking about her behavior while on meth, he described how her sweet nature changed to become ‘horrible, self-centered, mean [and] cruel’.

He said: ‘They say and do things that you can’t even believe. My sister would lie, steal from us, take advantage of us, she’d do anything to get a fix. She obviously regrets it all now, but she was honestly in the position to get help. We had no way to force it on her. I think getting busted helped a bit.’

Crystal meth – a methamphetamine also known as Ice – is known to cause paranoia, confusion and aggression as well as possible brain damage for long term abusers. It is extremely addictive and users describe the effects as an intense, powerful high followed by a severe comedown.

He added: ‘Well, we sort of had a family intervention and she agreed to go to a rehab center. There’s lots of good places, but they’re expensive. Thank god she had health insurance so it covered a lot of it. Put her in a 30 day program and now she’s living with us while we help her get back on track.

‘In short, rehab, constant NA meetings, and living with loving family that’s helping her stay away from the wrong crowds.’

While his sister has recovered, Wormguy666 revealed how his mother-in-law is also hooked on the drug.

He said: ‘She’s not ready to get help yet, and we sadly have had to cut communication off. One thing we did learn is this: if they aren’t ready to get help, then there’s nothing you can do. It’s a harsh reality to face.

‘Just know that the change has to come from within them. I think that was the hardest part for us. If you can accept that, and learn to let go of them until that time hits, then you have a chance.’7JNA1C9l

The Reddit post follows a similar post yesterday, showing a before and after photograph of a man called Ryan who had also quit the drug.




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