WASILLA — A man who showed up to the scene of a fatal Parks Highway car wreck in December and claimed to be a family member of one of the victims was actually using the woman in his prostitution business, authorities allege.

An Anchorage grand jury indicted Terry Keehn II, 42, of Wasilla, on seven counts on Jan. 21 following an investigation involving federal, state, and local authorities. Keehn also faces a separate single federal count in U.S. District Court for possession with intent to distribute more than 50 grams of methamphetamine, according to federal court documents. Keehn remained in Cook Inlet Pretrial Friday afternoon on a $100,000 cash performance and $100,000 cash appearance bond with a third-party custodian requirement, corrections and courts documents show.

Investigators had suspected Keehn played a role in the Southcentral sex trade as early as October 2015, following a tip from the Federal Bureau of Investigation about a suspected trafficker operating out of Wasilla, according to a bail memorandum filed along with the charging documents. FBI agents furnished a phone number, which Alaska State Troopers with the Special Crimes Investigation Unit of the Alaska Bureau of Investigation were able to link back to Keehn. However, officials were unable to locate Keehn until Dec. 1, when he showed up at the scene of a deadly car wreck, according to the memorandum written by Office of Special Prosecutions attorney Adam Alexander.

The only crash that matches that description was a head-on collision near the intersection of Parks Highway and Rainbow Street that left three people dead and seriously injured another person. In charging documents filed against Keehn, the initials identifying the victim in the collision are “SJ.”

Troopers “learned from SJ’s actual family that Keehn was in fact a drug and sex trafficker who had misidentified himself as her next of kin, and that SJ had been living with and working for him before her death in the vehicle collision,” Alexander wrote.

Investigators retrieved SJ’s phone from the wreckage, and connected her back to Keehn.

Wasilla Police served an eviction notice on Keehn Jan. 2 at a residence on East Kinzi Circle in Wasilla. A woman who lived in the apartment where Keehn was evicted was incarcerated on an unrelated probation matter, and investigators monitored phone conversations between them.

“In those conversations, Keehn discussed the mechanics of his sex trafficking operation in Anchorage and Wasilla,” Alexander wrote.

When the woman, identified only as S.S. in the memorandum, left jail, troopers followed her to an Anchorage apartment she shared with Keehn and other women in the 2100 block of West 80th Avenue.

Troopers and DEA agents obtained a search warrant for the house and a red Ford F-250 pickup on Jan. 13. Later that day, an investigator spotted Keehn driving a pickup to a parking lot on Dimond Boulevard, then back to the apartment. When law enforcement officers stopped Keehn and another resident outside the 80th Avenue house, they discovered 138 grams of meth and 14 grams of heroin, according to the memorandum. Keehn told federal investigators that he had made drug runs three times over the last six weeks to Sterling, according to a federal complaint written by DEA officer Rick Pawlak.

Along with the drugs, troopers seized computers and phones from Keehn, and discovered a video Keehn made of himself attempting to recruit an unidentified young woman for work at an “incall” location, an apartment or house where clients go to have sex in exchange for money, according to the memorandum.

“I have girls,” Keehn allegedly said at one point. “I’m a pimp. Don’t call me a pimp, but I’m a pimp.”

Keehn also allegedly told the girl she could make as much as $500 for sex in the Valley, and $600 in Fairbanks, and gave her meth on the video.

“Evidence subsequently uncovered by SCIU indicates that Keehn was successful in his attempts to recruit and traffic the young woman in the video,” Alexander wrote.

The charges constitute the first felony charge against Keehn in Alaska, though the memorandum includes a list of charges for sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse on a victim between the ages of 13 and 16 in Winnebago County, Illinois in 1998.







  1. Scott Hagy says:

    This guy has harmed a lot of people from all over the states not just us here in Alaska.He seems to think drug dealing dose not harm anyone and holds his head high .And you would think now that he is busted he could understand the harm it dose .No such luck .He posted no regrets .
    He took advantage of women in trouble seeks mothers who lost their kids .His pick up line let me help you get your kids back .Then he starts giving them drugs .That always helps .
    He made them think it was one big family and he loved them as he sets them up with a phone telling them how much money they can make .They ,now can pay a attorney .Ya Right
    This guy took advantage of the most easy going happy go lucky young women .A young lady who had had troubles and for the first time in her life had a job a car and was sober .
    It did not take him A long to give her meth and she relapsed had only been at keehns home for 22 days at the time of the accident Sara was on her way to see him .When asked why all he could say was to talk .He has a wife a cell phone talk about what ? He some how knew how much money Sara should have on her .her pay check from her job had not hit her bank yet .
    That night Terry was there on the seen said he was 200 yards away at the time .
    And told the trooper he is Sara’s father after she only had been in his home for three weeks .
    So he confirmed it was Sara and they then released her name .My home phone and cell phone along my Facebook started ringing .I looked at the news report it said three past and one in the hospital .I ran out the door to the hospital prey Sara made it .I get there And they Asked me who I was I tod them I am Emily Johnstons step father She asked me just how many fathers dose Sara have .and whould not tell me anything .Sara’s father had past 8 years ago I had her younger sister with me I had helped Sara a lot over the years and she was part of the family and helped her as if she was my daughter over the years .
    I get back home Emily is in bed and as I am thinking about how to tell Emily Sara had past .Emily’s phone is blowing up to .This low life self centered POS is texting Emily .
    Again we have no clue who terry is at that point .Then some how he got all of the families phone numbers and the freak starts calling them .
    He slips and started Sara was one of his girls .I did not want to deal with this guy at the same time I am dealing with Sara passing .Sara had a Large box of photos so I asked for just that box and then its over we part ways .he did not want to give it up ..I told him I was bringing the law to his door if he did not turn it over .I went to his door he would not answer it .I looked him up on court view and he had not paid rent in five months and at ten am on the 2 nd the po!ice will put him out .I thought it would be a good time to confront terry but he. lied again its all in the mail .I found out that morning Terry took a lot of money and tools that was not his .I talked to some of his girls who made it clear that he would black mail them and send photos to thee family if they walk out the door .I went back to the troopers trying to get help .
    This time I talked to the trooper who was on the seen and when I told him Terry was a pimp and not her father he got upset .The next morning mike called me and I told him what has gone on .
    He worked crazy hours and no matter what time it was he got back to me .His work ehic was very respectful to the family .Even called my home to tell me they got him and I can relax ..