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SCOTTSBLUFF – Meth distribution in southwest Nebraska continues to be a growing problem. With more and more users being addicted, demand is at an all-time high and money continues to be a motivator for dealers.

“That substance is so terribly addictive that people will just abandon everything for it, families, personal hygiene, relationships, it doesn’t matter,” said Dana Korrell, Supervisor for the Wing Drug Task Force.

According to the Wing Drug Task Force methamphetamine hit the central part of the U.S. in the 1990’s and ever since then, it’s been a fight against methamphetamine for the past 20 years. Korrell says it’s unlikely meth is being cooked in the area and it’s most likely coming out of the country because of the impressive purity rate.

“I started working on dope in 1988, so from 1988 to the mid 1990’s it was all cocaine and the meth, if we did find meth or did purchase some was junk. It was still methamphetamine but it was very low purity. Mid 1990’s, 1995, 1996, 1997 we started seeing quarter pound quantities, started buying quarter pound quantities in central Nebraska and this stuff was 90% pure,” said Korrell.

Methods of getting methamphetamine across the border are also ever changing. The drug is now able to be transported in liquid form making it easy to sneak in bottles. Methamphetamine continues to trickle into various parts of The Panhandle, Korrell says the task force has found about a pound in Chadron, seized over two pounds in Scottsbluff and had purchased 3 ounces in Bridgeport.



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