Ashland Police Battling Methamphetamine Problem

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ASHLAND, WIMethamphetamine is a growing problem in Ashland, and with it, comes a rise in property crime.

“Property crimes are through the roof. People break into their own friend’s houses looking for money, looking for whatever they can steal just to get money to get the drug,” says Investigator Scott Moreland.

Users are breaking into cars, homes, and garages in search of their next fix.

“I’d like to recommend everyone lock their doors, lock their doors to their garages, lock your car inside your locked garage. It may sound very paranoid, but you just don’t know what you’re gonna come across walking in your alley at 3 o clock in the morning or who is looking in your windows,” said Jim Gregoire, Interim Police Chief for the Ashland Police Department.

In 2015, there were nearly 300 felony cases filed in Ashland- most related to drugs.

“In the last year we’ve done more search warrants than I can remember in any one year for the Ashland Police Department. It really takes a toll on the department and the resources for the department but it’s extremely important,” said Gregoire.

And Ashland Police say the drug knows no bounds

“It’s almost everybody. High school up to 60 year old people involved in the use and sale of meth,” said Moreland.

And they can’t tackle the problem alone

“I can tell you the police cannot arrest their way out, no one can arrest their way out of a meth problem. It has to be a community unified front through education, through treatment. I mean everyone has to be involved. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to get rid of methamphetamine,” said Gregoire.

If you suspect a drug house in your neighborhood, it’s best to call and give police a detailed description of the suspected activity at the home, and to keep track of relevant information including license plate numbers.

Authorities say the majority of meth found in Ashland is coming from the Duluth/Superior area and the Twin Cities.



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