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  • Officers learned a Days Inn clerk was selling drugs
  • Investigators say the clerk was selling crack cocaine, meth and weed
  • She was allegedly found with a small amount “definitely packaged for the intent to sell”, according to police
  • Three buyers and another suspected seller were caught before the clerk

A traffic stop sent four possible drug buyers and a dealer working out of an east Tulsa hotel to jail Monday morning.

Around 1:40 a.m., police pulled over a car on South Memorial Drive for a traffic violation.

Officers say the driver had eaten a bag of marijuana and was found with a syringe that possibly contained heroin.

The driver, Lucas Shoemaker, was arrested with passenger Eugene Deverges on drug-related charges.

After some investigation, officers learned the drugs were purchased at the Days Inn on South 79th.

At another traffic stop on East 71st , a driver identified as Allyson Gregory allegedly had pills with her and a bag of crystal meth hidden on her body.

She admitted to selling meth to customers at a nearby hotel.

Police spoke to the clerk and another person in the lobby, finding marijuana, meth and crack cocaine with them.

Police say that was when they arrested Rarue Caddy and Kasi Albert.



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