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Fresno, Calif – A car accident in Northeast Fresno leads police to a large amount of meth.

Sunday afternoon, two men were involved in a car accident with another driver, near Highway 41 and Shaw Avenue in Fresno.

Police say the men paid the driver with counterfeit money, the driver then alerted police. Fresno Police pulled the suspect’s truck over, down Shaw Avenue near Cedar, and found what is believed to be between four and six ounces of meth in a bag. Police say the drugs needed to be weighed and analyzed, and thus were unsure of the street value.

Methamphetamine drives other crimes such as violent crimes, property crimes, auto theft,” Fresno Police Sgt. Tim Tietjen said. “So every bit that we take off streets, really does make an impact.”

The men were identified as 46-year-old Jeremy Jameson and 37-year-old Samuel Jameson.

Sgt. Tietjen said a search warrant was needed to search the rest of the truck, but pending that search, he expects to find more narcotics.

The pair face charges for drug sales and transportation and possession of counterfeit money.




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