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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.– Sex, drugs, and alcohol are just a few pressures our young high school and college students face on a regular basis. That’s why Grand Junction Police are inviting parents and their kids to have an open conversation next week. GJPD hosting sexual assault discussion for parents, students

“You see it more now with people bringing in drugs and methamphetamine busts,” said mother Denise Heizer. “It’s out there. You have to really make your kids aware of what’s going on.”

Heizer witnessed the effects of sex, alcohol and drugs in her daughter, and said they are becoming all too common among our youth.

“One of my older daughters got into the wrong crowd and got mixed up with some stuff…so yeah, you see it,” Heizer said.

Police said reports show sexual assault is often linked to drug- and alcohol involved situations.

“It’s a problem,” said Grand Junction Police Department information officer Heidi Davidson. “We don’t want it to be. We want to believe our kids are making good decisions and so many of our kids are, but what we need to be prepared for are those complicating factors.”

Sexual assault is a tough conversation to have. However, it’s a talk police want parents to have before it happens to their child, to help them recognize dangerous situations.

“It’s also important for our youth to be able to protect themselves and the people they care about by making decisions that can affect them for the rest of their lives,” Davidson said.

Parents said it’s scary, when the influence of mom or dad outweighs pressures of a child’s friends or classmates.

“Alcohol, drugs, things like that, are all things that they can get into or be peer pressured into, causing them to want to experiment with things,” Heizer said.

Which is why GJPD is working with parents and their teens, to empower our youth to stand up and be strong, while offering tips to keep our youth safe.

“Anytime young people are going out as a group, they should have a designated decision maker,” Davidson explained, as something she learned in last year’s meeting. “Someone who is sober, who is not going to be drugs and is making sure they are being accountable for themselves and the group of friends around them.”


“Sex Assault: A Frank Discussion” will be held at the Grand Junction Police Department on Wednesday, April 6th. RSVP to, or by calling (970)549-5114.



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