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BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The meth epidemic continues to wreak havoc across West Michigan.

The meth crackdown involved a variety of agencies and police departments.ry7gfyib fywgfL

We rode along with Battle Creek police, as they hit the streets to target well-established meth operations.

It’s a Wednesday afternoon, but this is no ordinary work day for Battle Creek Police Sergeant Jeff Case.

His team patrolling the streets is working to take down well-established meth operations.

“The police department has really put an emphasis on seeking meth-related cases and getting rid of meth labs and charging those making meth,” Case said.

On any given day, the quiet streets of Battle Creek are often the backdrop of a battle against drugs.

“Meth has been a problem for a long time and we’ve been really trying to focus on it as of late,” Case said.

Today, we rode along for a meth surveillance mission.

The first bust happened in a home known to neighbors as a meth house.

Once the team confirmed meth was in the home, police moved in with masks and protective gear.

Sgt. Case says while this doesn’t fix the problem, it’s a start.

“This is just one of many, but again we’ve been really trying to focus our attention on the meth issue and heroin issue, and we are hoping we can put a dent in it. It seems like we’re seeing results,” he said.

At last check, 1 misdemeanor and 5 felony arrests were made involving possession of a meth lab, and meth components.



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