(KUTV) A former BYU student convicted for having a meth lab in his apartment was arrested again on Friday on suspicion of having a meth lab in his apartment, according to Salt Lake City Police.

Bryce Cazier, 23, the former BYU student was arrested this time in Salt Lake City for operating a meth lab in his apartment, according to a probable cause statement.wfhq9qwey

Most recently, Cazier spent 60 days in jail after pleading guilty in July to a reduced charge of operating a clandestine laboratory in his Provo BYU-approved apartment.

Cazier’s roommate called the fire department complaining about a “strong odor” in their shared residence, according to the booking statement.

The fire department also found several elements suggesting a clandestine lab was there, police said.

The DEA searched the apartment and saw that a clandestine lab was in fact there and in operation 500 feet away from a school and a church building.

After Cazier was read his Miranda Rights he admitted to operating a meth lab in his home, according to police..