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DALTON, Ga. — A post on the Facebook page of Precious Possessions Preschool & Daycare in Dalton says a former employee has been arrested and charged with yjryjfghjxdfyjdytjtrjtrying to sell methamphetamine to an undercover officer in the daycare’s parking lot. Whitfield County authorities later confirmed the arrest.

The daycare is located at 2511 Cleveland Highway in Dalton.

The post was written by daycare director Holly Ridley, and says:

“On Wednesday, June 22nd, a former employee, Kristi White, was arrested for the attempted sale of methamphetamine to an undercover agent in the side of our parking lot nearest to the plaza. This employee did not have any direct care responsibilities of the children nor were any children aware of or exposed to any of what transpired in the parking lot during the arrest. Yesterday [Monday], we concluded what was the final stages of the investigation into what occurred when our state licensing office came and interviewed myself and our employees. Until this was concluded, we felt we were unable to adequately speak to the even for fear of impeding the efficient and unfiltered investigation.

We at Precious Possessions are committed to trying our best in making sure your children are safe and happy here. This employee did have a clean Criminal Records Background Check on file and prior to this event, had never before been arrested. Also, we at Precious Possessions were completely unaware the employee was involved in any activity of this nature nor had there ever been any indication of anything of this 13438948_1201009623264130_3030384839878431568_nsort. We are the only facility in our area which provide(s) internet access for our parents to be able to watch their children from anywhere at anytime. We also have a security door which does not allow just anyone to walk in off the street without being buzzed by our staff. Our employees are randomly drug tested. We do take safety and security seriously and do everything within our power to create a safe and secure environment.

Knowing this former employee, we were shocked and dismayed to learn of this. Please join with us in praying for her and her children while they go through this terrible time – they need our prayers now more than ever. Please pray for healing and pray for those in all walks of life which end up in such a terrible and devastating place in their lives. Unfortunately, I feel this is just another example of many of what a scourge drugs are on our country, communities, and families.

Precious Possessions would like to sincerely thank the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Department for the professionalism and expediency with which they handled this situation and keeping us all safe.”



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