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COPS have linked a 500 per cent increase in arrests linked to crystal meth with TV show Breaking Bad.

Police fear the deadly, and highly addictive drug is sweeping the UK after it was made famous by the show starring Brian

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in Season 2 of "Breaking Bad." (2009) Photo by: AMC Please note: Image supplied by Shooting Star / eyevine. Copyright remains the property of the TV Production / Distribution Company. For more information about licence rights and permission to use this image contact eyevine. T: +44 (0)20 8709 8709 E:

Cranston as science teacher turned meth dealer Walter White.

Last year 100 people were arrested for possession in London alone, 82 more than in 2010.

Methamphetamine, crystal meth as it is commonly known, is linked with unprotected sex and needle sharing which increases the risk of HIV, hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections.

It is known as a clubbing drug and also referred to as ‘ice’, ‘tina’ and ‘crystal’.

Meth can lead to deadly overdoses, panic attacks and  convulsions, as well as leaving users vulnerable to sexual assaults.

In the award winning and critically lauded Breaking Bad, Walter White manufactures a blue version of the usually clear drug to pay for his cancer treatment.

A drug user told the Daily Star: “I’ve tried it loads.

“It’s much more exhilarating than other recreational drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. Meth makes you feel like you have woken from a deep sleep all your life.

“You don’t want to sit still and suddenly want to experience all those things that give you pleasure – and they are so much more enhanced.”

There have also been a surge in attempts to smuggle the drug into the country.

Border Force patrols uncovering the drug have increased by 400 per cent in the last few years.

The drug can cause side effects like increased heart rate and paranoia.

Although methamphetamine was created in 1919, the first UK crystal meth lab was found 2005.





Deadly crystal meth sweeping UK as cops blame Breaking Bad for 500 per cent in arrests


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