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Four people were charged Thursday after police arrested them Monday in Minneapolis for possessing and selling methamphetamine.

According to a criminal complaint, 42-year-old Jose Consepcion Anayo-Ramirez of Phoenix, Arizona; 41-year-old Jaime Suarez Escobar of Phoenix, Arizona; 21-year-old Leoncio Mendoza-Vargas of Phoenix, Arizona; and 61-year-old Macario Millan-Murillo, of Minneapolis, were charged.

Officers with the Northwest Hennepin County Drug Task Force were monitoring a residence on the 200 block of East Lake Street on Monday, according to the complaint. They saw Millan-Murillo leave the residence to conduct a drug transaction, at which point, they stopped him to confiscate the bag he was carrying.

Officers said the bag contained about 1.9 pounds of field-tested-positive methamphetamine.


The officers then obtained a search warrant for the residence. Upon entering, they found Anayo-Ramirex, Medonza-Vargas, and Escobar. Officers also found a .45 caliber handgun, rounds for the handgun, about $50,000, multiple cellphones, packing materials, and large bags of meth weighing approximately 5.4 pounds in the residence. Officers also found approximately 23 pounds of meth in a vehicle outside the residence.

The four have received first-degree drug charges for selling and possessing the meth.


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