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Samantha Wilson started using drugs when she was 12-years-old and fell pregnant at the age of 16 while hooked on the drug ice.

During the pregnancy the Queensland teenager stopped injecting ice, but once her baby was born, she quickly returned to drugs, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported.girls

Ms Wilson grew up in Caboolture, north of Brisbane, where she was bullied at school from a young age.

By the time she was 14, she told local media she was taking drugs all the time, and sleeping rough on friends’ couches.

She stole food and clothes, and slept with older men for money, according to the paper.

When she was 16, Ms Wilson met an older man who began injecting her with ice.

“It was the best feeling that I ever felt, ever,” she said.

“I felt this big rush and I felt like I wanted more.

“I just really liked it.”

Ms Wilson continued injecting ice with the man.

“He would always find my vein”, she told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

“It wasn’t a very healthy environment for me.”

Ms Wilson fell pregnant at the age of 16, coming as a shock to her and her parents.

During her pregnancy she abstained from the drugs but after her baby was born in February 2015 she started using again.

Ms Wilson told reporters she made a “conscious choice to leave her newborn with her family” while she went back to using ice.recveroing

She only saw her baby three times over a five-month period.

On her 18th birthday, she organized for a drug dealer to pick up a quad bike from her parents’ house in exchange for drugs, but the bike was not hers.

“When you are an addict you do whatever you can to get drugs”, she said.

When she and the drug dealer arrived at her house, a fight broke out with her father.

Ms Wilson threw her father to the ground, hitting him with a torch.

She said: “My eyes were popping out of my head”.

“I was coming down from drugs and I wanted another shot.”

She told reporters how she remembers her siblings looking at her and crying.

Ms Wilson decided she “wanted to get clean” in February 2016 and went into a rehabilitation center, according to the paper.

She is currently staying at Lily House Women’s Accommodation on the Sunshine Coast and hopes to be properly reunited with her baby soon.


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