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  • A father claims to have found methamphetamine in a tub of ice cream
  • The man from Perth, Western Australia, said he bought the tub from a large chain store
  • A former drug addict, the man said the shard was very similar to meth
  • However he has admitted he couldn’t be exactly sure about what it was

A father has been left shocked after finding what he believes was methamphetamine in a bowl of ice-cream he had just placed in front of his young son.3acc017a00000578-0-a_father_claims_to_have_found_a_substance_pictured_he_believes_i-m-86_1480259439328

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, bought the tub of vanilla ice cream from a large chain store in Perth, Western Australia, on November 11.

Having just sat down with his five-year-old son after dinner, the young boy reported finding ‘glass’ in his dessert, WA Today reports.

The man, who admitted to being a recovered drug addict, said he couldn’t be sure what the clear shard was but ‘knows what meth tastes like’.

‘The substance about five minutes into my son eating it, when he told me there was “glass” in his ice-cream,’ the father said.

‘My first reaction was shock and then I examined the shard, and realized it didn’t quite have the structure of most glass, so I firmly pressed it between my fingers and a little piece broke off.’

Methamphetamine, the crystal version of which is known as ‘ice’, has seen a major rise in popularity over recent years among drug users.

The man – who hasn’t used drugs for three years – said after licking the shard he was amazed to discover a chemical flavor.

While he couldn’t confirm whether or not it was in fact a drug, he said many aspects were similar.

‘It has a very similar taste and structure as methamphetamine so I am led to think that’s what it is,’ he said.

The man said he monitored his son after the incident, just in case he had eaten anymore of the potentially lethal recreational drug without realizing.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, the father said he didn’t blame the store and said he hoped the manufacturer of the product ‘get on top’ of the issue.


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