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SAFFORD — Following her arrest on an outstanding warrant, a 54-year-old woman was found allegedly trying to smuggle meth into the county jail.

A Thatcher Police officer was patrolling along Main Street in the area of College Avenue on Saturday, Dec. 10, at 8 p.m. when he noticed a vehicle driving faster than the posted 35 mph limit. He also saw the vehicle drift between lanes.

During the stop, the officer asked the driver, Shannon Gail Ledbetter, why she wasn’t able to maintain lane integrity, and Ledbetter reportedly said she spilled a soft drink in her lap. She also said she was taking her juvenile passenger to visit the juvenile’s father.

A records check turned up an outstanding warrant for shoplifting in 2014, with a $205.47 bond.

After citing her for speeding, the officer took Ledbetter into custody for the warrant, after allowing Ledbetter to call someone to take custody of the juvenile.

The officer reported that Ledbetter was shivering and her muscles were tense, so he ran field sobriety tests that came out negative. He also conducted a patdown but didn’t find anything. She was then taken to the Graham County Jail.

While Ledbetter was changing her clothes, a jail officer found a small bag that tested positive for meth in her pants. Ledbetter was subsequently charged with possession of an illegal substance and promoting contraband in prison.

The case was forwarded to the Graham County Attorney for review.


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