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Getting nearly naked wasn’t enough to keep Catherine Lila Roberts from being arrested Tuesday on drug charges.

Roberts, 39, appeared this week before Ravalli County Justice Jim Bailey on a felony count of possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor counts of marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia.

According to an affidavit, a sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the home of Roberts and Michael Curtis Sullivan on Indian Prairie Loop in Stevensville to serve two active arrest warrants on the woman.

When the deputy pulled into the driveway, he spoke to Sullivan, who said Roberts was inside the house.

At that point, Robert’s daughter was sitting inside a nearby vehicle.

When the deputy knocked on the door, Roberts refused to answer. Her daughter then walked up to the house and opened the door for the deputy.

Roberts was located in a back bedroom behind a locked door.

Through the door, the deputy told Roberts about the active warrants and the woman opened the door slightly.

The affidavit said Roberts then began to argue with the deputy and attempted to shut the door. When the deputy pushed back on the door, it broke off.

Roberts then allegedly stripped off her clothes and remained nearly naked for the next 20 to 30 minutes while she argued about the warrants.

The deputy eventually convinced Roberts to put on some clothes and she was transported to the Ravalli County Detention Center.

While inside the home, the deputy saw marijuana and methamphetamine pipes in plain view in the bedroom and a baggy of marijuana in the living room.

The affidavit said Sullivan was questioned about the drugs. He allegedly admitted to owning the marijuana, but denied ownership of the methamphetamine.

After obtaining search warrants, the urine of Roberts and Sullivan was tested.

Roberts’ urine was positive for buprenorphine. Methamphetamine and marijuana were detected in Sullivan’s urine.

Sullivan was charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor charges involving the marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Sullivan was released on his own recognizance with a requirement to wear a drug monitoring device.

Bailey set Roberts’ bail at $20,000.



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