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Fargo, ND—It’s the biggest meth bust in Fargo history.

This week, Fargo Police recovered the drugs, thousands of dollars and collared nine suspects.

In Glyndon is where the police stopped one of the suspects in a vehicle Wednesday.

Investigators followed the person here from a local hotel where they recovered a small amount of drugs and cash, it then led them to a much bigger haul.

Ultimately, Fargo Police seized almost 13 pounds of meth and more than $17,000.

It started with information from an ongoing investigation.

From the traffic stop the Narcotics Unit searched the hotel and found meth and money.

One suspect tried to flush the drugs when detectives arrived.

That evidence brought police to another hotel on Thursday where they recovered more drugs and cash.

While detectives were investigating they caught more suspects delivering another supply of meth.

In all, more than 9 people were arrested in the case.

The suspects come from here in the metro to as far away as California.

They’re all facing at least possession charges.

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