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Mathew L. Dombrock, 30 of Tomahawk and Crystal L. Dean, 28 of Tomahawk- appeared in Lincoln County Circuit on January 26 facing charges stemming from a City of Tomahawk incident on January 24, during which officers initially responded to a reported altercation between the two.

According to court records, upon further investigation and cooperation from witnesses, numerous items of drug paraphernalia were discovered inside the residence where Dombrock and Dean resided. Included in discovered items were; gem bags containing a white powder residue which later tested positive for methamphetamine,  tourniquets and syringes; 10 of which were discovered uncapped in a child’s bedroom. Another 23 used syringes were reportedly discovered concealed inside of a stuffed animal in  the same bedroom, along with a glass pipe with charred residue, as well as a small amount of marijuana. Prescription medication belonging to another party was also reportedly discovered in the child’s bedroom.

As a result, Dombrock faces Misdemeanor charges of Neglecting a Child,  Possession of THC and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Dean faces a Felony charge of 2nd Offense Possession of THC as well as Misdemeanor charges of Neglecting a Child, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Disorderly Conduct. Dombrock was later released via $4,000 signature bond and Dean was later released via $5,000 signature bond.


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