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A man who assaulted a pregnant woman last year was fined $1500 and placed on an intensive supervision order following an appearance in Esperance Magistrates Court in January.

Malachai Joseph Humphrey was charged with aggravated common assault in relation to the October 23 incident which happened in Bandy Creek.

The court heard Humphrey, who pleaded guilty to the assault, pushed his female victim in the left eye, causing bruising and swelling.

Humphrey’s victim reported the incident as domestic violence two days later and on November 4 the 30-year-old was arrested and interviewed by Esperance police.

During the interview Humphrey denied hitting the woman and said the contact involved “a very hard push to the face”.

The court heard at the time of the interview Humphrey had been intoxicated.

According to the witness’s statement to police on October 25, she was pregnant at the time of the assault.

In court Humphrey said he had acted “in the heat of the moment” and he had been on methamphetamine at the time.

“I accept the fact that what I’ve done is wrong,” he told Magistrate John O’Sullivan.

“It was the wrong thing to do your honor.”

Humphrey has no prior assault-related convictions.

On top of the fine Humphrey was ordered to pay $99.50 in court costs.

His order will be in effect for 12 months.



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