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A traffic stop in Reedsburg on Sunday turned into a drug arrest, when police dog Xena sniffed out methamphetamine-making ingredients in the vehicle, resulting in the arrest of three Elroy residents.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon in the 2700 block of East Main Street, Reedsburg police said.

Londyn Forsythe, 41, Cody Murdock-Forsythe, 23, and Jasmine Williams, 26, were taken into custody, tentatively charged with possession of methamphetamine precursors, or materials used in the making of methamphetamine.

Officer Joshua Hoege stopped their vehicle for a minor traffic offense, then deployed his partner Xena, trained in narcotics detection, to sniff the vehicle, with Xena indicating to Hoege that narcotics were present.

“A search of the vehicle turned up drug paraphernalia and products used to manufacture methamphetamine,” said Police Chief Timothy Becker.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was informed of the arrest, with a small meth lab found in Murdock-Forsythe’s residence, police said.



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