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Connor Jones, 22, twice posted the private picture of Ex on the Beach’s Aimee Kimber on Twitter after finding it online.

He first posted the image after it was announced the Aimee, 22, would be appearing on the MTV smash show which sees singletons looking for love in a paradise resort.

The photo, which shows an intimate act, was shot before Miss Kimber became famous and was illicitly taken when she was just 17.

He then re-posted the image four months later when the first episode of the series aired.

Jones, of Colchester, Essex, could have been jailed for up to two years but was instead given a community order for his callous actions.

Miss Kimber has now bravely spoken out about her ordeal in the hope others will find the confidence to go to police.

She branded Jones’ actions “bullying” which caused her anxiety and depression.

Aimee hit the headlines during her Ex on the Beach stint last year when she was filmed having sex with Stephen Bear – who is reportedly now dating Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby.

Jones had never met his victim but was prosecuted under ‘revenge porn’ legislation which is usually used against spurned lovers who illegally share private pictures.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday the TV starlet was heavily intoxicated when it happened after taking an “illicit substance, which she believed to be methamphetamine” at a party.

Bearded Jones was not present when the photo was taken but remembered seeing it after it first surfaced in 2012.

The smartly dressed defendant first shared it last year after joking with pals in a WhatsApp group following the announcement that Miss Kimber would be appearing on the programme filmed on a Thai beach.

He first posted it on Twitter, then did it again after the first episode of the series aired.

He was reported to police when Miss Kimber, also of Colchester, found out.

Prosecuting Ian Allen said: “Last year in 2016 Miss Kimber came to the attention of the general public because she was reported as scheduled to appear on a TV programme going under the byline of Ex on the Beach.

“It is offensive to the general public to see what it shows and it is distressful to the victim. This is an incident she never gave consent would reach the pubic domain.

“She is not a porn star or anything approaching.

“It’s the sort of thing that will regrettably come to the court more frequently in the future, as young people do foolish things which previously they would be able to forget and move on from.”

Mr Allen gave the court details of how the image had first been taken.

After being arrested Jones told cops: “I sort of knew it would p**s her off and show her in a bad light”

Laura Austin defending said her client was previously of good character, was in a long term relationship and deeply regretted his actions.

She said: “He was in a group chat on WhatsApp and there was some discussion about who was going to post it and unfortunately it was the defendant who says, ‘I will do it’.

“He said this was some very stupid and very immature banter between him and his friends and thereafter he decided to post it.

“The parties involved have never met, don’t know each other, and have never been involved in a relationship.

“The defendant now feels remorseful and feels extremely guilty.”

Jones spoke only to admit his crime and confirm his name, age and address.

The chair of the magistrates bench John Gilchrist said: “We have looked at this very carefully, there was a certain amount of very bad laddish behaviour on your behalf which is something in the news quite recently.

“It’s unacceptable. We believe there was an element of planning, it was on two occasions.

“You knew about the photograph and it was sort out on Google and you must have known it would have caused some amount of distress to the victim.

“However we don’t believe what you did was revenge and as we have been told you believe it was stupid behaviour.”

Jones was slapped with a community order and must complete 130 hours of unpaid work and hit with fines and costs of £370.

Speaking afterwards Miss Kimber said the ordeal had knocked her confidence.

She said: “I am glad this has finally come to an end after ongoing taunting and bullying for the last five years.

“Connor Jones deserved to be punished after treating me the way he did. I went through a lot of anxiety and depression due to the abuse I received.

“I am so glad he pleaded guilty and has been sentenced.

“I just hope people will see the severity of this and think before they post anything online which will cause distress and pain.”

Aimee, a personal assistant at an architects’ firm, welcomed the use of revenge porn legislation to snare Jones.

“I am so happy that legal action is now being taken for these cases so no one can get away with it.

“I hope what has happened to me will raise awareness so that people going through similar situations will be brave enough to stop this type of bullying.”

Speaking of the night the photo was taken, Miss Kimber admitted she was very drunk but said she had been “tricked” into taking methamphetamine.

She added: “I hope young girls will read what has happened to me and hopefully they will be aware of the dangers of putting themselves in vulnerable situations.”




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