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ST. ROSE, LA (WVUE) – Two people were arrested in St. Rose Thursday after a child living in their home found methamphetamine in his backpack at school.

Kevin Richardson, 24, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and two counts of illegal use of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of juveniles. 

Also arrested was Christina Cherry, 25. She is charged with possession of methamphetamine, obstruction of justice, and two counts of illegal use of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of juveniles.

Richardson and Cherry live at the same address in the 100 block of Johnson Street in St. Rose.

Thursday detectives were called to a private school for a report of a second-grade student possessing an unknown white substance.

The student was removing a pack of tissues from a book bag when he found a small bag containing a white substance inside the tissue pack.

The student showed his teacher who immediately called police.

The substance inside the baggie was identified as methamphetamine.

Police believe the student may have taken the tissue pack from his home several weeks earlier, not realizing what contents were inside.

In November, police began investigating Richardson for drug-related activity.

Police searched Richardson’s home and found individually packaged amounts of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Cherry and two juvenile aged children were at the home during the search. At that time, police say Cherry tried to get rid of the drugs as police were arriving to execute the search warrant.



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