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A mother and daughter from North Branch are facing charges after being pulled over for speeding while carrying over 40 grams of marijuana on them.

Amy Marie Redmann, 37, and Zoey Ann Redmann-Pound, 18, were charged before Judge James Dehn on Jan. 25 in Isanti County District Court in Cambridge.

Redmann was charged with felony fifth-degree drug sale; gross misdemeanors fifth-degree drug possession and giving a peace officer a false name; and petty misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Her bail was set at $20,000 without conditions or released on her own recognizance with conditions and next court appearance for Feb. 23.

Redmann-Pound was charged with felony fifth-degree drug sale and misdemeanors driving without proof of insurance and drug possession. Bail was set at $5,000 without conditions or released on her own recognizance with conditions and next court appearance for Feb. 22.

The incident occurred on Jan. 23 after Redmann-Pound was pulled over for allegedly speeding in the area of 305th Avenue Northeast and Palisade Drive Northeast in Isanti Township.

According to the criminal complaint:
At 10:12 a.m., Isanti County Deputy Sean Connolly pulled over a vehicle with a radar lock of 70 mph.

The driver, Redmann-Pound, indicated she had a permit to drive only. The passenger, Redmann, indicated she had a valid license but did not have it on her. Redmann-Pound eventually admitted she did not have insurance on the vehicle.

Redmann-Pound indicated she had just bought the vehicle and produced a title. The only information filled out in the title was the previous owner’s signature and name. Redmann-Pound indicated she had purchased the vehicle about a month ago.

During conversations with both women, Connolly did not believe the parties were being truthful as he had gotten several contradictory and vague answers to his questions as to the ownership of the vehicle.

Connolly asked Redmann-Pound who the passenger was and she indicated a false name. He noted the mannerisms and physical characteristics of the passenger were consistent with someone under the influence of a controlled substance.

Connolly then asked Redmann to exit the vehicle and she provided Connolly with a false name. Connolly continued to observe mannerisms and behavior consistent with methamphetamine use.

Redmann had a tough time answering questions and admitted to prior marijuana use.

Connolly retrieved Redmann’s purse and found a clear small bindle bag with white residue that was consistent with methamphetamine. Another bag was found that contained shards of glass that appeared to be a broken glass methamphetamine pipe. The clear bindle bag with residue field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

At this time Redmann admitted her real name and that Redmann-Pound was her daughter. Connolly then returned to the vehicle to speak to Redmann-Pound and asked if there was any more contraband in the vehicle. Redmann-Pound indicated all she had was her backpack and shoes. Connolly asked what was in the backpack and Redmann-Pound indicated there was a lot of weed and there were bags, a scale and individual bindles ready to be sold. The marijuana weighed 42.1 grams. Redmann-Pound indicated she was selling marijuana. Also located in the bag was a paper ID for Zoey Ann Redmann-Pound. A total of $328 was found in the backpack. An additional glass methamphetamine pipe was found that Redmann admitted she gave to her daughter to hide for her.

Later at the jail, Redmann was searched further and a methamphetamine pipe was located in her clothing.
While being booked, Redmann indicated everything in the backpack was hers and not her daughters, despite the paper ID being found in the bag. Both claimed an ownership interest in the backpack with the marijuana and cash.



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