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A woman was arrested Tuesday by the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force on a report of selling methamphetamine and prescription drugs.

Police reports state Naomi Kaufman was selling drugs and was located at a Provo motel. Detectives reportedly observed Kaufman, 41, drive away from the motel and violate several traffic laws while driving north on University Avenue, so she was stopped by police.

Kaufman was asked by police to exit the vehicle while a K-9 was called to the scene. Kaufman was asked if she had any narcotics with her and she said she did, handing the officer several bags of methamphetamine, reports state.

The K-9 indicated there were drugs in the vehicle. Police reported finding numerous drugs on Kaufman and in her vehicle, including 110 pills of morphine, 14.5 pills of clonazepam, four pills of alprazolam, 46 grams of meth, 3.5 grams of marijuana, 110.5 pills of oxycodone and one glass meth pipe.

Kaufman said she had a prescription for the pills, however, the morphine and oxycodone pills were packaged in small quantities consistent with drug distribution, reports state.

At the jail, Kaufman’s urine test reportedly indicated positive for amphetamines, meth, opiates and oxycodone.

Kaufman was booked into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of the following charges: four counts of possession of a controlled substance, two being second-degree felonies and two being class B misdemeanors; one class B misdemeanor of drug paraphernalia and one class B misdemeanor of driving with a measurable controlled substance.


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