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  • Jonathan Clark has opened up about his addition to meth and its impact
  • He said the drug ‘takes something in the inner man’ and ‘bewitches your mindset’
  • Despite relapsing at times, he is clean thanks to help of Narcotics Anonymous
  • Clark now wants to use his experience to educate others

A former meth user has opened up about his crippling addiction to the drug and the devastating impact it had on his life.

Jonathan Clark, from Mandurah in Western Australia, has told how his life spiraled out of control after he was introduced to the drug by a former work supervisor.

‘Meth is haunting, it knocks on the door, it taps on the mind,’ Clark said in an interview with the Mandurah Mail.

‘It takes something in the inner man, in your inner self, and it bewitches your whole mindset.’

Clark started experimenting with drugs at 14, first with marijuana, then heroin and amphetamines, before being introduced to meth.

He said using meth gave him a feeling of ‘euphoric happiness’, with the drug quickly taking over his life.

‘I’ve had some meth where one bit of it kept me up for two nearly three days straight without sleeping, and I’ve had times where I stayed awake for four to five days without sleeping or eating,’ Clark told the paper.

Clark said he was able to break free from the grip of meth on a number of occasions, sometimes going up to eight months without using the drug.

But he would relapse each time – until he had a psychotic episode, in which he thought he heard the voice of the devil.

The voice told him he was going to lose his mind forever.

He sought out the help of the Teen Challenge program, Narcotics Anonymous and his religious faith.

He has now been clean for a long period but he said he still dreams about meth.

Clark now wants to use his experience to help other addicts, with the aim of becoming a mentor.

He said as an addict he knows there is freedom from the drug.



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