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CURRITUCK – A 36-year-old Currituck County woman was in custody Saturday at the Currituck Detention Center because deputies allege she’s linked to a man who had been operating a methamphetamine lab.

Additionally, after the woman was taken to jail, she allegedly tried to flush drugs and drug paraphernalia down the toilet.

Brook White, of the 100 block of Rattle Ridge Lane, Maple, is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance on a jail premises and with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, Currituck District Court records state.

White was taken to jail because she’s charged with felony conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine with John Edward Muth Jr., along with felony aiding and abetting Muth, the court records state. She’s also charged with felony possession of the illegal drug, the court records state.

White is due on Feb. 22 in Currituck District Court. The Sheriff’s Office said her bond is set at $70,000, secured.

According to documents the Currituck Sheriff’s Office filed with the court, deputies obtained warrants on Dec. 28 to arrest White, in connection with the Muth case. The next morning, as she was driving a car registered to Muth, on Caratoke Highway, deputies pulled her over.

The warrants state that after White was halted for arrest, deputies asked her if there were any items in the car she wanted to take with her and she said she wanted to take her purse.

The warrants state that deputies told White she could possibly face a felony charge if a search of her at the jail turned up contraband. The warrants state that White changed her mind and asked for the purse to be locked in the car’s trunk.

According to the warrants, after White was taken before a magistrate and was later taken to the jail and placed alone in a holding cell, two jailers noticed she was placing something in the toilet.

The warrants state the jailers recovered two diazepam pills, a syringe, a small metal spoon, five clear plastic capsules and numerous clear plastic baggies.

Diazepam can be used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms and seizures, but the drug can also cause paranoid or suicidal ideations and impair memory, judgment and coordination.

On Dec. 7, deputies obtained warrants to arrest Muth, 45, of the 100 block of Rattle Ridge Lane, and his alleged meth lab was shut down.

Documents deputies filed with Currituck District Court state Muth had been operating the lab out of a barn and state he had been under investigation for more than a year, in response to citizen complaints about that location.

The documents also state deputies confirmed Muth had been going to pharmacies in Chesapeake, Va., to purchase pseudoephedrine, which is a sinus medication but which is also used by illegal drug dealers seeking to make meth.

Additionally, warrants against White state that deputies discovered she was living at the same address as Muth when they went to shut down his meth lab. The warrants state that White, under questioning by deputies, told of having used methamphetamine a few weeks earlier.

Muth remains charged with felony manufacturing methamphetamine, felony maintaining a dwelling for the sale of controlled substances and felony possession of methamphetamine precursors. He also remains charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.

He continues to be held at the Currituck Detention Center, in lieu of $170,000 secured bond, and his case remains pending in Currituck District Court.

According to N.C. Public Safety records, Muth has been on probation for 4½ years since being convicted in May 2014 in Virginia, for possession of methamphetamine and for first offense driving while intoxicated.

Muth had been out of Chesapeake City Jail since August 2015 and was serving his probation in North Carolina.

Meantime, charges against White in Currituck are hardly confined to drug offenses.

Court records show she’s also facing a long list of misdemeanor animal control-related violations, including in one instance for failing to restrain a mixed-breed dog that attacked a neighbor’s Labrador retriever.



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