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After finding an active meth lab at an Old Qualls Road home over the weekend, the Algood Police Department is continuing its investigation.

Officer Brandon Bean said the address was a suspected drug house where at least one other meth lab had originated. He noticed suspicious activity at the house while he was on patrol on Saturday.

He noticed a car parked behind a trailer, “with two doors open and the trunk lid open,” Bean said. He notified the sergeant on duty, who gave orders to proceed with the investigation.

“I observed the back door on the trailer standing wide open,” Bean said.

While he had the home under surveillance, he said the resident noticed him and came outside. He asked her who was in the house, and she gave him the name of a man he recognized.

Bean said he knew at least one other person was in the house.

“I observed another male from outside of the door slumped over on the couch,” Bean said.

Bean said he contacted the property owner to perform a welfare check on the man and the owner gave consent, and Bean said he found that the man was OK.

Further investigation found an active meth lab underneath the home in the crawl space.

Bean said he found several bottles, some containing a liquid consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine.

A record check found that trailer owner Patti Hall was wanted on a federal warrant, so she was taken into custody. Several other people were found inside the home and detained.


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