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A terminally ill pedophile who bought crystal meth on the streets of London and lured children to his house for sex has been jailed after launching a drug operation inspired by US drama series Breaking Bad.

David Parkinson mirrored the plot of the hit show as he began dealing drugs after receiving a terminal diagnosis.

The 34-year-old is likely to die in prison after being jailed for 11 years for a string of offences.

Parkinson had been living in Australia and working in the financial services sector when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2007.

He returned to England and later involved himself in the drug-dealing business, using his position as a supplier to lure children to his house for sex using mobile phone apps such as Grindr.

Inner London Crown Court heard how Parkinson even recruited his mother, 57-year-old Diane Parkinson, as his bookkeeper.

He travelled to London from his Lancashire home to buy large quantities of crystal meth, which he then supplied to gay men involved in ‘chem sex’ parties, where lengthy orgies are fuelled by illegal narcotics.

The court heard how Parkinson was purchasing the drug for around £150 a gram in London before selling it on for more than £200 a gram.

He was arrested in April last year when officers stopped him in London.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “He had travelled to London from his Lancashire home to meet his supplier and officers found drugs worth £5,000 in his bag.

“With the assistance of Lancashire Constabulary and British Transport Police, Parkinson’s home address was searched and an array of crystal meth, cocaine and amphetamine were found along with meticulous ledgers detailing drugs supplied.

“His mother was found inside the property in the process of tallying up their order book.”

A search of Parkinson’s mobile phone revealed he had arranged to meet a 13-year-old child for sexual activity.

Appearing in court on Monday (February 13), Parkinson, of Leyland Road, Lancashire, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply crystal meth, possession with intent to supply crystal meth, arranging sexual activity with a 13-year-old and paying for sexual activity with a 13-year-old.

His mother pleaded guilty to nine counts of possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs, and was jailed for three years and four months.


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