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Police said a man who admitted to being high on meth fired multiple bullets into his neighbor’s apartment.

Brian Marcus Resch, 46, was arrested at his unit in a quad-plex on Stratton Place Drive off East Brained Road.

Police were called Friday on a man actively shooting at his neighbor. The shooter was described as a white male holding both a shotgun and a handgun while trying to enter the next unit.

An officer repeatedly ordered Resch to drop the guns and he finally complied.

Inside the next apartment police found where 10 or more bullets had come in through the walls, and there were also numerous projectiles.

The neighbor said he had spoken with Resch earlier so he knew he was home.

He said Resch later sent him a text message advising him to “stay off the stairs tonight.” He said he got no response when he sent a text asking what he meant.

The neighbor said he then heard a gun fire and a bullet came through the wall toward him. He then went out and asked Resch why he had fired at him. He said Resch responded with something he could not understand.

He said Resch then fired several more shots at him and into his apartment.

An officer said Resch appeared to be on some stimulant due to his rapid and rambling speech, dilated pupils, paranoia and impaired judgment.

He said he had used meth and “some painkillers” that evening. He also said he was having “some issues.”

The officer observed crystal meth, several digital scales and drug paraphernalia in Resch’s apartment.

Resch is charged with attempted first-degree murder, reckless endangerment, possessing a handgun while under the influence, possessing a handgun during the commission of a crime, aggravated burglary, possessing a firearm with intent to go armed, and property destruction.



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