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MARTINEZ — Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 23-year-old woman who allegedly brought methamphetamine with her to court.

The drugs — which amounted to about a half ounce — were found after a strip search, according to a police report.

The Feb. 1 arrest was disclosed this week in sheriff’s arrest records. The woman appeared for a court date that day related to charges of vehicle theft, receiving stolen property, and possessing burglary tools, records show. During her hearing, a Contra Costa judge ordered the woman taken into custody.

Deputies found two hypodermic needles in the woman’s bra and conducted a strip search. They found approximately a half-ounce of meth hidden in her private parts.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of bringing a controlled substance into the jail. The District Attorney has not yet filed new charges against her.

The arrest comes weeks after an unrelated incident where deputies arrested a man who was found to have walked into court with a baggie of meth hidden inside his toe sock.





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