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BROCKWAY — A Clearfield man has been jailed after he allegedly beat up a woman who tried to keep him from scraping bugs off of his face with a knife after he did crystal meth.

Douglas Michael Hess, 57, 1405 Daisy St., Clearfield is charged by Brockway police with aggravated assault, assault, resisting arrest, and terroristic threats.

Charges were filed Jan. 22 with District Judge David Inzana of Reynoldsville.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, around 9:40 p.m. Jan. 22 police were called to a Main Street apartment in Brockway for a domestic dispute.

Police said when they arrived on scene they heard a woman screaming for help inside. When they entered, they saw a woman with her arms cut up and covered in blood.

The woman told police she found Hess in the bathroom scraping his face with a knife because he thought there were bugs crawling out of his skin after he did crystal meth.

When the woman told him there weren’t any bugs on him, he held her on the bed and told her he was going to kill her if she called the police. He then bit her on the neck and nose.

When the woman was talking to police in the apartment, Hess allegedly came out of the bathroom, saying ‘I did,’ and charged police. He then took the cigarette out of his mouth, flinging it at an officer and hitting her in the face.

When Hess swung at the officer, he was placed against the wall.

He then spit in the officer’s face and told police he was going to get the knife out of his pocket and stab the officer.

Eventually the officer was able to get him into handcuffs, at which time he spit again in the officer’s face and threatened to shoot them.

When Hess was searched, police found about one dozen pills in his pocket.

Hess was sent to Jefferson County Jail in lieu of posting $100,000 cash bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10:45 a.m. Jan. 22 at Inzana’s office in Reynoldsville.


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