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Authorities arrested two men outside an East Ridge motel with one having 2,218 grams of meth in a backpack and the other 44.5 grams of meth.

Samuel Swafford was the man with the backpack and William Hayden Masengale had the other large amount of meth.

Swafford and Lacy Norris are charged with being felons in possession of over 50 grams of meth.

On Jan. 12, law enforcement used a confidential source to arrange a purchase of six ounces of meth from Masengale at the Motel 6 on Camp Jordan Parkway.

Swafford and Masengale got out of a BMW and approached room 108. Law enforcement then approached the pair.

Swafford, clutching the backpack, tried to run away, but he fell and was taken into custody.

Officers found a loaded Taurus 9mm handgun near where Swafford had dropped a cell phone during the chase.

Masengale said he had gone to Swafford’s house to get the six ounces of meth for the deal, and Swafford gave him one ounce for brokering the exchange.

Masengale said during the past week he had gotten half-ounce quantities of meth from Swafford on three occasions.

Swafford told agents that he had been getting multi-kilo quantities of meth from dealers in the Atlanta area.

He said on Jan. 11 he and Lacy Norris obtained five kilograms of meth from Ms. Norris’s source of supply. He said he kept four kilograms and gave one to Ms. Norris.

Swafford said he and Ms. Norris had their own meth customers.

He said the Taurus 9mm belonged to Ms. Norris.

He said she was either at the Holiday Inn Express at Ringgold or the Extended Stay America on Airpark Drive in Chattanooga.

Swafford said she was driving a gray BMW with a bandana in the windshield.

Law enforcement officers located Ms. Norris’s BMW at the Extended Stay America. She was staying in room 230.

Officers saw Kathryn Davis and Ryan Frost leave room 230. Ms. Davis pulled an ounce of meth from her bra after Frost said she had some on her. She said she obtained the meth from room 230, and Ms. Norris and another individual were in the room.

No one would come to the door at room 230, but Ms. Norris and Jesse McDaniel were later located in the room. There was a gun on one of the beds and drug paraphernalia was in plain view.

Ms. Norris said meth could be found in a hand-held vacuum cleaner, and it contained 158.6 grams of meth. Another 57.2 grams of meth was found in the room.

There were two firearms in the room, including a loaded .22 caliber Ruger which Ms. Norris said was hers.

Ms. Norris said on various occasions she had obtained large amounts of meth from Atlanta sources.



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