What Methamphetamine can do to your sexuality

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Blackwood River Clinic is a private clinic for people with anxiety, depression, trauma and drug and alcohol problems.

The facility runs a three month public rehabilitation course for people with drug and alcohol problems specifically for methamphetamine users through the state government’s meth strategy.e45tywerreage

The clinic is run by psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Proud who is an expert in addiction, he said that sexual perversity was a hidden element in the methamphetamine problem.

Dr. Proud said methamphetamine was often fused with violence so users could get violent and very aggressive with sex.

“People might not have a sexual problem before but once they were into methamphetamine you might have a sexual problem,” he said.

“Even people who had a normal sexuality before can develop an addictive sexuality that is warped after meth.

“Methamphetamine commonly causes a lot of aggression and paranoia it could even be psychotic, ugly stuff.”

Dr. Proud said many of his clients would not tell you how methamphetamine use led them to engaging in perverse acts unless you asked their partners.

“The partners will say apart from the violence and everything else it was often the perverse sexuality that caused them to leave,” he said.

Dr. Proud said it usually gripped men more than women because in some ways men had a different sexuality to women.

He said when people got heavily into methamphetamine use it could warp their sexuality so a person would become more involved in pornography and outrageous sexual activity.

“It could cross over to what you might call a normal spectrum into forensic areas so you get what we call paraphilias where someone might fantasise about underage people or things such as exposing them self,” he said.

“The most common thing is that people do not get into a paraphilia but their sexual morals drop so a person might have multiple partners or get obsessed with pornography.”

Dr. Proud said often with men who used the drug would not have a normal sexuality or be able to get aroused unless they were on methamphetamine.

The story What meth can do to your sexuality first appeared on Busselton-Dunsborough Mail.


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