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Gerald Moore, 53, and twin brothers Darrick Heimann and Darren Heimann, both 49, were among nine arrested in Larimer County in 2014 after a Task Force investigation that found 12 pounds of meth tied to sources of supply in Sinaloa, Mexico.

All three, who were convicted in a Larimer County court, had lengthy felony criminal histories, the Task Force said in a press release.

Moore got 96 years, Darrick Heimann, 64 years, and Darren Heimann, 48 years.

During the investigation, more than $8,800 in cash, cocaine, prescription pills and a firearm were also seized.




Methamphetamine ring: Northern Colorado Drug Task Force raids locations in Fort Collins, Longmont, Lakewood, Arvada; Darrick and Darren Heimann. Dean Duran, Richard Maddox and Gerald Moore arrested



Dean Duran, 53; Richard Maddox, 54; Gerald Moore, 50; Darrick Heimann, 47 and Darren Heimann, 46, arrested in Northern Colorado Methamphetamine bust in Larimer County

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