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Montgomery police say a young boy now has severe damage to his brain after being exposed to methamphetamine by his parents.

Both the boy’s father, Jody Lane Mothershead, 20, of Montgomery, and his mother, Tobi Flynn Wasden, 26, of Montgomery, were arrested by Montgomery Police Department officers at their home on Wedgewood Avenue in west Montgomery earlier this week. Each have been charged with one charge of chemical endangerment of a child and domestic violence.

The boy was allegedly exposed to methamphetamine that was being manufactured or distributed in the home and allowed to inhale it or ingest it, which nearly killed him, according to court documents.

Mothershead and Wasden are accused of showing “extreme indifference to the value of human life” and are being held at the Montgomery County Detention Facility. Their total bonds have been set at $75,000 each


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