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ANTIGO, Wis. (WSAW)– Three people are in custody and five children were removed from a home south of Antigo after investigators discovered a meth lab in the Town of Rolling.

Naomi Kolpack, 28, Fred Kelly, 33, and Jason Kelly 43, are accused of manufacturing meth in a home on Elmhurst Road.

Meth is super-stimulant which can cause the user to stay awake for days at a time– and can obviously alter the person’s mental state and personally.

“Meth is very dangerous. And the people that use it can become very dangerous,” explained Lt. Dan Bauknecht.

He said in Langlade County in the last 12 months, there has been an uptick in the use and trafficking of meth.

According to court documents, on March 21 a search warrant was executed at the home with the assistance of the state’s Clandestine Lab Team. It was created by the Department of Justice to assist local municipalities with meth lab investigations.

According to court documents, when investigators arrived Fred Kelly was in the home’s bathroom emptying mason jars of an unknown substance down the bathtub drain.

The Clandestine Team entered the home wearing respirators, but had to break windows due to the high level of noxious odors.

“You never really know what the risks are,” explained Langlade County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Dan Bauknecht. He said processing a meth lab is a large operation, that’s where the state’s clandestine lab team plays a great role. “They [meth labs] are laboratories producing toxic chemicals.”

Court documents state many items used to make meth, including hypodermic needles were in the reach of the children— all under 10 years old, the youngest age 1.

Deputies reported squalid living conditions. The toilet was non-functional. There was only one mattress in the entire home.

Bauknecht said when a meth lab is discovered, it’s not just law enforcement that investigate.

“In methamphetamine lab operations, we utilize all of our available resources. Including, but not limited to the health department, social services…” he explained.

Kolpack has been charged with 13 counts– including five counts of neglecting a child. Court records show Jason Kelly and Fred Kelly will be charged with similar counts, including first degree recklessly endangering safety.

“Whether it’s in a car or in a home, investigators said even when the meth manufacturing equipment is removed, the level of toxicity remains.

The home currently displays a sticker that reads, “This building cannot be used for human habitation, occupancy or use”. Lt. Bauknecht said in this case, the health department will need to do an assessment to see if the home is inhabitable. If it cannot be brought back to a level of safety it will be condemned and torn down.

“A high odor of cat urine or finger nail polish remover, to little or no odor all depending on the situation,” Bauknecht explained of a meth lab’s odor.

He said this time of year, due to melting snow people may discover discarded soda bottles — possibly from mobile meth labs. He said it’s never a bother to law enforcement to investigate and discard those items. He said it’s possible that if they contain meth they still pose a danger.

Bauknecht said no one was injured as result of the meth lab, but the children received precautionary health care.


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