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Comments Off on Jamison D. Finley, 29, Allegedly Tells Casper Police About Multi-Day Methamphetamine Binge

A man who was arrested Saturday evidently saved Casper police officers some work by reportedly telling them all about the prior few days he spent high on methamphetamine in several places across Casper. Jamison D. Finley, 29, was taken to jail for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Court documents say police officers […]

Comments Off on As Methamphetamine Surges, Overdose Deaths Reach New Record in Oklahoma

A record number of Oklahomans died from drug overdoses in 2016, and for the first time in years, methamphetamine was the single biggest killer, preliminary data shows. An Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control analysis shows 952 people died from overdoses, and the number is likely to rise as pending autopsies are finalized. […]

Comments Off on Nissim Lanyadoo, 67, and Claire Fahlstrom, 46, Arrested in Napa After Being Caught With Over 500 Doses of Methamphetamine For Sale

NAPA, CA — Two people were arrested in Napa Thursday after allegedly being found in possession of over 500 doses of methamphetamine, according to police. Police said officers visited the home of 67-year-old Nissim Lanyadoo in the 3100 block of Vichy Avenue for a compliance check in accordance with his probation. Upon arrival, officers contacted […]

Comments Off on 30-Year-Old Man Caught Stealing Methamphetamine and Heroin in Grays Harbor County Courthouse Parking Lot After Release From County Jail

A 30-year-old man used his first 10 minutes of freedom after his release Friday from the Grays Harbor County Jail to prowl several vehicles, stealing methamphetamine and heroin from one, according to the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office. “The victim of the stolen drugs has yet to report the crime to the Sheriff’s Office,” a release […]

Comments Off on Road rage in Bartholomew County results in arrest of Amy Yvonne Sullivan and Bobby Alan Poindexter, 39, of Palmyra, on four drug charges, including dealing Methamphetamine

A Bartholomew County woman was one of two people arrested on four drug charges, including dealing in methamphetamine, after police responded to a report of road rage early Wednesday north of the Jonesville exit on Interstate 65. The pair, Bobby Alan Poindexter, 39, of Palmyra and Amy Yvonne Sullivan, of Bartholomew County, also face charges […]

Comments Off on Dee-anne Allender, 40, of Perth, a mother of four, reveals how she overcame her Methamphetamine addiction after she found herself jailed for manufacturing the deadly drug to feed her own habit.

A Perth mother-of-four has revealed how she overcame her ice addiction Dee-anne Allender was hooked to crystal meth at the age of 24 for eight years The now 40-year-old said she was so deep into ice, she nearly paid with her life She was spending up to $1,000 a week to fund her addition five […]

Comments Off on Five men charged over failed $101 million crystal Methamphetamine smuggling operation from China into Australia

Three men face life imprisonment for allegedly attempting to smuggle $101 million worth of crystal methamphetamine into Australia. Chinese authorities tipped off their Australian counterparts before seizing 100kg of the drug hidden inside the floor of a shipping container. The container, which was also being used to transport two tons of steel, was then shipped […]

Comments Off on Sewerage tests show Australia Methamphetamine use soaring

Methamphetamine is the highest consumed illicit drug across Australia, while oxycodone and fentanyl use is rising to alarming levels, a national wastewater study shows. Western Australia has the highest level of meth use, with both city and regional sites far exceeding national averages. Regional areas in Victoria and Queensland showed higher than average oxycodone levels, […]

Comments Off on Ten Mexican Drug Cartels are fighting for control of Guerrero with more brutality and violence

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Sinembargo article Guerrero occupies the third place in terms of most poverty at 62% of the population and first place for homicides at 2884 in 2016 at the national level. It is the state most disputed among organized crime groups. There is a presence of […]

Comments Off on Gabriella Gonzales and Rigoberto Cervantes arrested for 5.5 pounds of Methamphetamine in I-80 stop in Seward County

An Arizona man and Omaha woman were arrested Friday after the Seward County Sheriff’s Office reported finding over 5½ pounds of methamphetamine. A deputy first made contact with Rigoberto Cervantes at a closed gas station, and offered assistance to the motorist. Cervantes left, and Omaha police contacted the deputy about a man and woman traveling […]

Comments Off on Angel Fabin Salas, 25, of Houston, arrested on I-20 in Hinds County with more than 100 pounds of Methamphetamine

JACKSON, MS – Officials with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department say Friday they arrested a man on I-20 with more than 100 pounds of meth in his possession. Hinds County deputies along with Morton Police, assigned to the Special Investigations Unit, discover more than 100 pounds of meth during traffic stop on I-20. Officials say deputies stopped […]

Comments Off on Methamphetamine drug arrests in South Dakota reach 10-year high

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — The number of drug arrests in South Dakota reached a 10-year high. The number of drug arrests last year was more than 7,600, a 13 percent increase from the previous year, according to the state attorney general office’s annual Crime in South Dakota report, released Monday. The report also said that […]

Comments Off on Jennifer Bradway, 40, of Rock Hill, arrested after her 12-year-old son tests positive for Methamphetamine

ROCK HILL, SC (FOX 46) – A Rock Hill mother is facing a slew of charges after police say she was distributing methamphetamine and her young son tested positive for the drug. Jennifer Bradway, 40, of Rock Hill was arrested at her home along Bridgewood Drive Thursday, according to a York County narcotics investigator. Leland Harrelson […]

Comments Off on Casper Police Arrest Eva Marie Gunn, 36, for Endangering Children With Methamphetamine

A woman who was stopped by police for speeding Thursday night was arrested and two children were taken into protective custody after police allegedly found a methamphetamine bong in the car. Eva Marie Gunn, 36, was booked on charges of a headlight violation, failure to maintain liability coverage, two counts of child endangerment with methamphetamine, […]

Comments Off on Roxanna Raciell Reed, 30, and Steven Alexander Johnson, 21, arrested after allegedly selling Methamphetamine behind Dani’s Sports Bar in Wildwood

A man and a woman who had allegedly been selling methamphetamine were arrested Wednesday night in the parking lot of Dani’s Sports Bar on State Road 44 in Wildwood. Reed was at the wheel of the vehicle, which was bearing the registration that belonged to a silver Cadillac. Reed told deputies she purchased the vehicle […]

Comments Off on Katie Laird and Joseph Gillin, of Bozeman, arrested on drug charges, children, aged one and eight months, test positive for Methamphetamine exposure

BOZEMAN – A couple is charged with drug-related felonies., and their two children have tested positive for amphetamines, Methamphetamine, and cocaine. Katie Laird and Joseph Gillin are facing four felony charges each: possession of dangerous drugs with the intent to sell, possession of property used for making or selling drugs and two counts of endangering the welfare […]

Comments Off on Paranoia, Methamphetamine bender, sparked unprovoked deadly shooting of young San Marcos woman by accused gunman, 27-year-old Paul R. Castro IV

Paranoia and a five-day methamphetamine bender appear to have sparked the unprovoked and deadly shooting of a young San Marcos woman, whose body was found dumped by a roadside in January, a prosecutor said in an interview Friday. The accused gunman, 27-year-old Paul R. Castro IV, pleaded not guilty in a Vista courtroom Monday to […]

Comments Off on Kittisak Thongyoi, 33, convicted, sentenced to 21 years, for forcing his 8-year-old daughter to ingest Methamphetamine, then raping her and causing her overdose death at their home

TRANG – A man who drugged and raped his 8-year-old daughter, causing her death, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison by the Trang Provincial Court. Kittisak Thongyoi, 33, was convicted and sentenced for forcing his daughter to drink water mixed with methamphetamine and then raping her at their home on May 12 last […]

Comments Off on Santa Cruz County Gang Task Force finds “huge stash” of Methamphetamine in Portola Drive apartment – Guillermo Garcia, 42, of Santa Cruz, arrested

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — The Santa Cruz County Gang Task Force raided an apartment on Portola Drive Thursday that police suspected was being used as a hub for drug sales in Santa Cruz. Officers served a search warrant at the apartment on the 2300 block of Portola Drive at 4:30 a.m. They found nearly two […]

Comments Off on Sebring traffic stop leads to Methamphetamine found in shed – Louis Arno Huff, 30, arrested

SEBRING — A traffic stop led to an investigation that turned up more than 246 grams of methamphetamine in a shed in Sebring early Wednesday, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said. Sgt. Dusty McGee made the traffic stop at 11:45 p.m. Tuesday after he saw a moving car with its headlights turned off. When driver Louis Arno Huff, […]

Comments Off on Pennsylvania State Police find Methamphetamine lab inside Peach Bottom dairy barn – Daryl Charles Vaughan, 36, arrested

While investigating a domestic violence report in Peach Bottom Township in February, Pennsylvania State Police uncovered a meth lab operation inside a dairy barn, according to charging documents. Sabrina Dixon told police on Feb. 22 that she told boyfriend Daryl Charles Vaughan, 36, he loved Sudafed more than her and that his response was to throw lye on […]

Comments Off on 10 people arrested during Methamphetamine ring bust in Fort Bend County

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) — Ten people are behind bars after a meth ring bust in Fort Bend County. Several law enforcement agencies including DPS, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Houston Police Department and the DEA were involved in the bust. The men are accused of being part of a large meth ring. “This is part […]

Comments Off on Emmanuel Velasco Gurrola, 30, given life sentence in El Paso for murder-for-hire plot to kill brother’s wife, her family

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14 / CBS4) — A man found guilty of killing his brother’s wife, her father and her sister in Ciudad Juarez was sentenced to life in federal prison on Thursday. Emmanuel Velasco Gurrola, 30, pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to kill in a foreign country and one count of conspiracy to […]

Comments Off on Drugs, Alcohol, parties and prostitutes in the prison at Culiacan Mexico where 5 capos escaped

Reporter: Carlos Alvarez Luxeries, excess and parties, is what its like to live inside the Culiacan prison, where this past Thursday Juan Jose Esparragoza Monzon “El Azulito”, Alfonso Limon Sanchez “El Limon”, Jesus Pena Gonzalez, “El 20”, Rafael Guadalupe Felix Nunez “El Changuito Antrax and Javier Zazueta Rosales “El Pancho Chimal” escaped. The daily newspapers in […]

Comments Off on Los Cabos: 3 dismembered bodies discovered, as narco war continues in region

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat On Sunday, “hieleras” (ice coolers) were discovered containing dismembered remains.  The grisly contents were discarded in the heart of the tourist section of the popular vacation destination of Cabo San Lucas (Baja California Sur). Marking the first such violence in the tourist area. The remains of two male and one […]