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A rolling meth lab was discovered Friday in Perry County during a traffic stop.

Sheriff’s Sergeant David Briggs pulled over 34-year-old Charles Huff for an equipment violation when canine officer Argo found illegal drugs inside the car.

During a probable cause search of the car, Briggs found three one-pot meth labs. One of the meth labs was hidden under the seat of a 2-year-old child, who was taken to Fairfield Medical Center as a precaution because of exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Huff was arrested on felony charges of illegal drug manufacturing, illegal possession of chemicals to produce drugs and child endangering. He is at the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail and the child was given to relatives by Perry County Children’s Services.

The discovery of the lab also caused the evacuation of Sideliners Bar and Grill as a precaution due to the hazardous chemicals and the volatile state that the labs were found in. But, the bar had no connection to the meth lab.


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