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Two young children in the care of their grandmother last week found a stash of methamphetamine in the grandmother’s purse near a doll house and ate some of the drug, according to newly filed court documents.

The grandmother, Samantha Kay Bailey, 50, of Gray, was asleep at the time, the documents show. It was April 9, her birthday.

Another woman, identified in the documents only as “Tammy,” told a deputy sheriff that she saw the children rummaging through the purse. Tammy said she saw drugs and a glass pipe in the purse and that she flushed the drugs down a toilet and tossed the pipe in a trash receptacle.

It’s unclear whether the woman saw the children ingest the drug, some of which was apparently crystal meth. She did not initially report the incident to police.

Instead, the children’s father stopped at the grandmother’s house  in the 300 block of Main Street in Gray to retrieve the kids, and one started having seizures shortly thereafter about noon.

The children are ages 5 and 2.

They were flown by medical helicopter to a Des Moines hospital. Tests of the children’s blood showed they had ingested meth and ecstasy.

Bailey faces two felony child-endangerment charges, each of which are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. A criminal complaint says the children nearly died.

Bailey admitted to a deputy sheriff that the meth was hers, court records show.

She posted a $20,000 bond on Friday to be released from jail.

Law officers searched Bailey’s house and camper last week and found numerous small containers of marijuana, plastic bags dusted with meth, bongs, a metal spoon and eight hypodermic needles.



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